Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

by | Sep 15, 2022

By A Quality DR.WattsC

Everyone needs an AC unit to get them through those blistering hot days. It can be a major inconvenience when your air conditioner has a problem that prevents you from using it. A common problem that plagues homeowners is a leaking AC unit.

An air conditioner absorbs heat and humidity from the outdoor air and blows the cool air inside the house. When the unit absorbs the humidity, it produces water. This water collects in a drain pan and gets sent to your drain system. At times, things don’t always go according to plan. When something goes wrong in this process, your HVAC may end up leaking water on your floor. Here are 8 possible reasons for this problem.

Condensate Drain Is Blocked

The condensation from the warm outside air is collected in a drain pan until it gets sent to your drain system. However, if mold, dirt, and other deposits clog your drain, the condensate won’t leave the pan. This can cause your drain pan to overflow and water can leak out the front. You should contact a professional HVAC technician to unclog your condensate drain.

Drain Line Is Disconnected

The line from your drain pan to your draining system may be loose or disconnected. This is uncommon but possible. This can happen accidentally if someone works near your AC unit or when you replace your air filter. You can look inside your unit and check to see if the drain line is connected to the drain pan. If you would prefer a professional to take a look, be sure to contact Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air.

Condensate Pump Isn’t Working

Your AC unit may have a condensate pump to drain the water from your drain pan. If your drain system is above the AC unit, you will need one of these pumps. If your condensate is faulty, water may leak from the unit into your house or apartment. Your pump may not be connected properly, or it may be damaged. Let an HVAC expert inspect your unit to discern the source of the problem.

Broken Evaporator Coil

If you only see small drops of water instead of a puddle coming from your AC unit, it could mean that water is splashing off your evaporator coil instead of going into your drain pan. This may happen if you have holes in the insulation or if your coils are dirty. Regular AC maintenance can prevent this from happening.

Low Refrigerant Level

If you have a wall AC unit leaking water inside your home and you’re struggling to cool your home, it is likely due to low refrigerant levels. The refrigerant shouldn’t run out. If your refrigerant level is low, you may have a leak in your ducts. An AC technician will also pick this problem up during an AC tune-up. Keep up with regular maintenance to make sure you always have refrigerant. If you have a ductless AC, the water may leak from the bottom of the split AC indoor unit.

Dirty Air Filter

Air filters should be changed every three months. You can change it more often if you have pets, or if you feel it needs replacing. A dirty air filter prevents proper ventilation. This can cause your evaporator coil to freeze over. Once the frozen coil thaws, your AC unit will leak due to an overfull drain pan. If this problem persists even after you replace the filter, call for AC repairs.

Outdoor Temperature Is Not Hot Enough to Run AC

Your air conditioner was made to function at a certain temperature. If you run your AC unit when the outdoor temperatures are low, the evaporator coil will freeze. When your coil thaws, it will cause your drain pan to overflow, and your AC unit will leak into your home. You can prevent this by trying not to use your AC when it is cold outside. You could install a ceiling fan to cool your home when the temperatures aren’t too high.

Cracked Drip Pan

If your AC unit is over a decade old, your drip pan may be damaged or cracked. If your drain pan is broken, water will leak out of your AC unit as the water seeps through your drain pan. If this is the case, you may be up for an AC replacement. If you are experiencing other AC issues, it could be that your AC unit is struggling to keep up.

Trustworthy AC Repairs

So, can you use your AC unit when water is leaking? The answer may surprise you. Yes, you can continue to use your AC unit. It is only dangerous to use a leaking AC if it is leaking refrigerant instead of water. If you are unsure about your leaking AC unit, contact Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air to assist you.

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