How to Quiet A Noisy Air Conditioner?

by | Sep 15, 2022

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It’s a hot summer’s day. You are melting away on your sofa. You have an air conditioning unit but don’t want to switch it on. You’re not worried about the amount of electricity it will use. No, you are concerned about the racket it will make when it’s on. It can be frustrating to listen to this loud noise all day. The most efficient way to run your AC unit is through the day to keep your home at a comfortable temperature without using too much electricity. This won’t work if you can’t stand the loud noise it makes.

Thankfully, there are things you can do to reduce noise levels. No matter what kind of noise your AC unit makes, there is a solution to getting peace back in your apartment.

How to Quiet A Noisy Air Conditioner?

The most common cause of a loud AC is its age. Older units tend to be noisier. However, if you have just replaced your unit, you may be wondering why your new AC is so loud inside your house. There are a few useful tips to reduce the noise from your AC unit. If none of these tricks work for you, you can call Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air, and we will put an end to the disruption.

Inspect your Compressor and Condenser

Your AC unit’s compressor is responsible for circulating refrigerant during the heating exchange and your condenser collects and releases the warm air. It is most like one, or both of these components causing the unpleasant sounds. This is especially true if your unit is older than a decade. If the noise you hear is a loud buzzing sound, it could mean that your motor is worn out. If this is the case, you could be due for an air conditioner replacement.

Look for Loose Screws

Inspect the screws keeping your condenser unit in place. Over the years, these screws may loosen and cause a rattling noise when your air conditioner is on. If you are tired of hearing this loud humming sound, you can try to tighten the screws. This is usually done during an AC tune-up. Contact us today for your annual AC maintenance service.

Clean the Fan Blades

If your condenser is not to blame for the unsettling noise, there are some other tips you can try. When dirt or dust builds up on your fan blades, it can increase the noise it makes. You can use your vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment to suck up the dust on these blades. Be careful when you do this as you can damage the blades or push them into your AC unit.

Build a Small Fence Around Your AC Unit

If none of these maintenance tips have worked, you can try building a small fence around your air conditioner. This may sound drastic, but it can act as a sound barrier and muffle the loud noise. A 3-foot wall should do the trick. This can be made from plywood, which is not expensive. You must keep a 3-foot gap between your unit and the wall to prevent a restriction of air. This will cause your unit to overheat and damage the inner components. Ensure that all the vents are open for air to flow.

Try a Sound Blanket

You may be wondering if air conditioner sound blankets really work. The good news is that they do. They work quite well, in fact. You may even be able to find an air conditioner sound blanket that was designed specifically for your AC unit model. You can ask your HVAC contractor about finding the right sound blanket.

Seek Professional Advice

If none of these tips have helped you to muffle the loud noise from your AC unit, you should speak to an expert HVAC technician. AC units only last between 10 and 15 years. If your AC unit is in this age gap, it may be time to schedule a replacement. It is best to consult an HVAC professional before jumping into an AC replacement. They will tell you if a replacement is really necessary. A technician will also help you find the right AC unit for your home. You can never go wrong with seeking an expert’s advice, especially when the expert is from Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air.

Get the Best HVAC Services

We will know how to fix your loud AC unit. Our experts have years of experience with quieting noisy air handlers. Contact Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air today!

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