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Electrical problems are some of the most daunting issues you can face as a homeowner. Not only are electric issues in your home highly complex, but they’re also unsafe for a DIY project. Fortunately, for the residents of Copperas Cove, electrical issues are something you don’t have to worry about with Dr. Watts Electric, Heating and Air just a call away. We’re your local neighborhood experts, and we’re here to help with any electrical issue that may arise. We offer a wide range of electrical services, covering every aspect of your home’s electric needs.

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Electrical Inspection

A home electrical inspection is a thorough review of your home’s entire electrical system. During these inspections, we’ll check: 

  • All wiring throughout the home
  • Safety switches
  • Power boxes
  • Lighting
  • Smoke detectors
  • Potential electrical hazards

We’ll also make sure that your home is up to current safety standards and make recommendations for anything that needs repairs or upgrades. 

You should consider electrical inspections when you buy a new home, suspect your wiring may be older than 25 years, or if you start having electrical issues, such as flickering lights, small shocks, or discolored outlets.

Electrical Repair 

Often, the signs you need electrical repairs are evident, while others may not be so clear. Here are some of the biggest indicators of electrical issues to watch out for: 

Circuit Breaker Tripping Frequently

Each time your circuit breaker trips, it’s protecting your home from potential danger as the circuits become overloaded. If your breaker trips occasionally, it simply means you attempted to draw more power than your fuses and circuit breaker could handle. However, if this is something that happens frequently, it may mean that your electrical panel can’t keep up with your home’s electrical needs. 

Contact the experts at Dr. Watts Electric, Heating and Air to increase your home’s power supply with an electrical panel upgrade. A new device will get your home up and running the way it should be in no time. 

Dimming or Flickering Lights 

Does the room get a little darker each time you use the microwave? Do your lights flash? Dimming or flickering lights are signs of an overloaded circuit breaker. If you notice this problem in your home, call us for help!

Burning Smells

If you detect a burning smell but can’t see where it’s coming from, it’s time to give us a call. That smell is likely coming from behind the walls where you can’t see that faulty wiring has begun to spark. This will initially smell acrid or like burning plastic as it melts away the wiring’s protective coating. The very first whiff of this smell means it’s time to take action to avoid a potential fire. 

Even if you don’t know the exact cause of your electrical problem, our experienced technicians know where to look. Our electrical troubleshooting experts will detect the source of the problem and get it repaired quickly. 

Electrical Installation

Are you looking to make some upgrades around your home? From new installations to replacements, we’ve got you covered. 

Lighting Installation

Whether you’re looking to increase the lighting inside or outside your home, Dr. Watts Electric, Heating and Air’s skilled technicians are standing by. We specialize in every aspect of home lighting, from lighting design to light fixture replacements. 

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans do more than add depth to your home’s aesthetics. They cut energy costs by keeping temperatures down during those hot Copperas Cove summer days. 

Ceiling fans can be tricky to install, not just because of their weight and bulkiness but also due to the wiring that needs to be connected while holding the fan. Our experts have ceiling fan installation down to a science. Give us a call for speedy, hassle-free installation services you can rely on. 

Whole-Home Surge Protection

For tech-savvy residents of Copperas Cove, surge protection is a must. Whole-home surge protectors stop dangerous power surges before they reach electronics or electrocute someone in your home. 

Switch Repair and Installation

Sometimes, the reason your lights won’t turn on has nothing to do with the electricity and everything to do with the switch that controls it. Light switches tend to become less functional as they age as connections come loose and the faceplate wears down. 

At Dr. Watts Electric, Heating and Air, we make quick work of light switch repairs, replacing old ones if needed and upgrading them with newer versions to modernize your home with dimmer switches or smart switches. 

Electrician Near Me in Copperas Cove

Need a hand with your home’s electric system? With over 40 years of combined experience, there’s no job too big or small for the crew at Dr. Watts Electric, Heating and Air. Contact us today for the fast, knowledgeable service Copperas Cove residents have counted on for decades.


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