Air Conditioning & Heating in Pflugerville, TX

The level of comfort you can enjoy in your own home is, in large part, related to your indoor air quality. Whether you’re in the middle of summer or the dead of winter, enjoying the perfect temperature while you’re inside is essential.

If you are a resident of Pflugerville and need excellent HVAC services you can rely on, Dr. Watts is the name to trust. With Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air, we can handle any system installation, repair, or maintenance, as well as AC replacement or furnace replacement if you have an HVAC unit that’s reached end-of-life.

For whatever HVAC service you need, call or contact us to book a stress-free, no-cost estimate today.

AC Services

From start to finish on your HVAC project, Dr. Watts Electric, Heating, and Air will provide experienced technicians to provide quality service. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect when you hire our teams to help with your home HVAC needs.

AC Installation

At Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air, we’ve been providing professional HVAC services in the Temple, TX, area for years. When it comes to your AC installation, you can rest assured, knowing that your job will be done right the first time.

Ensures the Correct Size of an AC Unit

Not all AC units are the same size. It is important to order your AC unit in the size that can fit the needs of your home. Based on the number of people living in your home, the square footage of space that needs to be heated and cooled, and your budget, we can make sure to find an AC unit that will suit your needs perfectly.

Professionals Aid in Power Efficiency Strategies

If an air conditioning system is installed improperly, you could end up spending extra money on your utility bills and constant maintenance and repair fees. Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air guarantees expert air conditioning unit installation to help you to prevent unforeseen costs further down the road.

Furnace Installation

While the winters in Texas don’t last very long, there is no doubt that they can get colder than we’d like. If you want to prepare for the winter, you and your home need a reliable furnace. With Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air, you can get some of the best brands in the industry for your next installation.

If you are curious about what it might cost to get a new, high-efficiency furnace, don’t hesitate to call. Our technicians will visit you at your home, inspect the area, and provide you with a full breakdown of options and costs. We never pressure you to buy anything you don’t need or want, and there’s no obligation to keep the appointment.

If your current furnace is on the fritz or behaving strangely, it’s important that you get an HVAC professional to take a look at your equipment. If your furnace is making strange sounds, producing unpleasant or unusual odors, failing to produce hot air, or spiking your utility bills, call us. We will try to make repairs as best we can. However, if the damage is significant enough, it may be better for your health and your wallet to consider a furnace replacement.

Furnace Repair

If your furnace is behaving unusually, you should call an HVAC professional right away. With Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air, we can restore your furnace to proper functionality and explain what caused the issue.

Furnace Tune-up

Furnace tune-ups are essential to your unit’s operational integrity and your health at home. Not only do regular furnace tune-ups keep your furnace’s energy efficiency higher for longer, but they also let you get ahead of any potential issues that could lead to much larger problems if left unchecked.

Our technicians will perform a full inspection of your furnace’s heat exchanger, burners, pilot, and electric connections when visiting your home to make sure everything is clean and functional.

AC Installation

The summer heat in Pflugerville is no joke; that’s why you must have an AC unit that can keep you cool every day you need it. Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air has all the top-of-the-line AC unit brands for you to choose from. When visiting your home for a free estimate on a new installation, our technicians will only suggest the right size unit based on the size of your home. No more, no less.

If your current AC unit is broken down or has reached the end of its days, we can replace it for you. If you’re not sure if you should replace your AC this summer, keep an eye out for certain signs that could indicate severe damage. Strange sounds, unusual odors, high energy costs, and inconsistent airflow are just some of the signs that could indicate your unit is reaching end-of-life.

AC Repair

Discovering that your AC unit isn’t working correctly on a sweltering Summer day can be heartbreaking. When the heat just won’t stop, and there’s no escaping it, call Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air. One of our technicians will come out to you, inspect your equipment, and make the necessary repairs to get your AC unit functioning properly again.

AC Maintenance

AC maintenance is incredibly important and incredibly easy to forget. If you haven’t maintained your AC unit in a long time, your AC unit will lose energy efficiency, and your unit will be at an increased risk of breakdown. More importantly, if something is wrong with your unit that could cause you or your family health issues, you won’t know.

With proper and annual AC maintenance, one of our technicians will perform a full inspection of your equipment, lubricate any moving parts, tighten electric connections, clean any debris, and make sure your AC is working properly. By doing this, you keep your unit’s energy efficiency high, your utility bills low, and eliminate the risk of potential issues affecting your equipment when you least expect it.


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