Air Conditioning & Heating in Jarrell, TX

Jarrell, TX, is a beautiful place to live. It’s estimated to have 229 sunny days every year, which is 24 above the national average. But even though Jarrell doesn’t see much snow, it’s not without rain and chill.

Because Jarrell has such a diverse climate, it’s all the more important to form a relationship with an HVAC provider that can cover you across the board. Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air wants to be that provider for your little piece of Jarrell. Whether you need to stay cool or warm, we have the insight and professionalism to ensure your comfort no matter the weather.

AC Services

From start to finish on your HVAC project, Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air will provide experienced technicians to provide quality service. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect when you hire our teams to help with your home HVAC needs.

AC Installation

At Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air, we’ve been providing professional HVAC services in the Temple, TX, area for years. When it comes to your AC installation, you can rest assured, knowing that your job will be done right the first time.

Ensures the Correct Size of an AC Unit

Not all AC units are the same size. It is important to order your AC unit in the size that can fit the needs of your home. Based on the number of people living in your home, the square footage of space that needs to be heated and cooled, and your budget, we can make sure to find an AC unit that will suit your needs perfectly.

Professionals Aid in Power Efficiency Strategies

If an air conditioning system is installed improperly, you could end up spending extra money on your utility bills and constant maintenance and repair fees. Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air guarantees expert air conditioning unit installation to help you to prevent unforeseen costs further down the road.

AC Replacement

Has your air conditioner stopped playing its role in your living space? The average air conditioner unit is designed to last just over a decade before it starts to accumulate more wear and tear. Your unit may leak or start to rattle or make other unusual sounds, or you may notice that it is no longer cooling your home in the way it should. 

An AC installation through Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air is an easy and comprehensive process. We carry a wide range of makes and models and can help you choose the best option for your household. And when we finish, you’ll be able to take advantage of the many benefits of an air conditioner upgrade!

AC Maintenance and Repair

Once you have your new air conditioner, or if you’re hoping to keep the one you have now for a while longer, we can’t stress enough the importance of regular maintenance. You can call us for an annual tune-up appointment, where we will send one of our professionals to inspect your unit and determine if you need an AC repair.

Even if your unit is running well, it could always be better or run smoother, especially after a year of not being used. Our team can clean, lubricate, and tune what’s not working right. We’ll catch a problem early if we find one, and either way, you can relax for the rest of the year knowing your cooling system is taken care of.

Furnace Installation and Replacement

When it comes to furnaces, they tend to last longer than their cooler cousins. The basic model can function for 20 years or more. However, if your furnace was old when you moved in, the odds are you’ll have to replace it sometime soon.

There are a few warning signs you can keep an eye out for. If your home isn’t thoroughly warm, that’s an issue. And if your unit is working less but somehow using more energy, causing your utility bill to skyrocket, that’s also problematic. A modern furnace replacement will work better and more efficiently, and when you use our team to install them, we get the job done right the first time.

Furnace Tune-Up Vs. Repair

Is it possible to avoid a furnace repair before it happens? Yes, it is! Like any other HVAC appliance, an annual furnace tune-up is the best way to lengthen the lifespan of your unit and keep it running best.

You shouldn’t wait for your furnace to break down before you get it serviced. You could, technically, but it’ll cost you a more expensive repair and potentially leave you stranded in a Jarrell cold front without heat. It’s actually best to get a furnace tune-up while the system is functional because no matter how well a system is running, it could always run a little better.

The warmer season is the best time to get your furnace tuned up, but if you’ve been unable to so far, the right time is right now. And the right team is that of Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air. 

Contacting the Doctor for your HVAC Needs

Don’t worry, good people of Jarrell. The doctor—Dr. Watts—is in! Since 2007, our team has served homes across Texas with loyalty and respect. From Jarrell, Georgetown, and Cedar Park to Copperas Cove, our fully licensed and insured experts take care of their neighbors, house by house. Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air has diverse experience working with homes, multi-family housing, and HOA communities.

We have over 40 years of combined experience that makes us capable of handling jobs of all sizes. We play by the rules, we work hard, and we boast a complete satisfaction guarantee with every job that we do.

Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air is ready to use our skills to make your day in Jarrell a little better, come rain or shine. So contact us today for a free quote.


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