Electricians in Round Rock, TX

As more technology finds its way into your Round Rock home, your energy needs will continue to grow. Your home will need a safe and consistent power supply to keep up. That’s why you need a residential electrician you can trust.

Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air offers the best electricians in Round Rock, TX. Whether you’re looking for light fixture installation or electrical repairs, we’ve got you covered.

Electrical Repairs

When you need an electrical contractor for repairs, call Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air. We offer a wide range of repair services for the residents of Round Rock.  

Electric Panel Repair and Upgrades 

When your home needs more electricity, you likely need to upgrade your electrical panel. If your home is more than 20 years old, your circuit board may not meet the required standards to safely supply your home with electricity. These signs generally indicate that you need a professional electrician like Dr. Watts:

  • The electrical panel is hot to the touch 
  • Black marks or melted wires on the panel 
  • Frequently tripping breakers 
  • Odd smells or noises coming from the panel 
  • Flickering lights

Contact the experts at Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air in Round Rock, TX, when you need an electrical repairman to upgrade your panel. A licensed electrician from our team will help you determine your power supply needs.   

Outlet Repair and Replacement 

As your local electrician in Round Rock, TX, we see a lot of outlet repairs and replacements. Signs you need to replace or repair your outlets are similar to those of a panel repair. They include:

  • Burn marks or melted plastic
  • Odd smells or noises
  • Outlets or switches that are warm to the touch
  • Flickering lights
  • Outlets or switches that no longer provide power

If our technicians repair or replace a malfunctioning outlet, they’ll also fix any associated problems that contributed to the problem. We can also install new switches in more convenient locations around your home. Our team can install advanced controls if you wish, including smart outlets and dimmer switches.

Wiring Upgrades 

If you own an older home, chances are your wiring is outdated. You’ll need professional electrician services to upgrade your wiring system to meet modern standards. Not only will this create a more efficient grid for your house, but it will also reduce the risk of an electrical fire occurring in your home. 

Electrical Installation 

As a trusted electrician company in Round Rock, TX, Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air can help with various electrical installation projects. 

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting  

Looking for new indoor or outdoor lighting fixtures? Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air is the electrician near you best qualified to help with the design. We will discuss your specific needs, including colors and ceiling height. Our team of experts will put together a beautiful lighting design that will complement your home or exterior space. 

Whole-Home Surge Protection 

Every home today can benefit from a whole-home surge protector. This amazing tech helps protect the electronic devices in your house from damage caused by unexpected power surges, lightning strikes, and the daily power fluctuations your home experiences.  

Home Electrical Inspections 

Electrical inspections are the most vital service we provide. Regular home electrical inspections are crucial for the safety of your home. During these appointments, a local electrician from Dr. Watts Electric, Heating, & Air thoroughly examines your electrical system. They will ensure that everything is running safely and efficiently.

Should you need any home electrical repairs, our team can help with that. We’ll help you decide the best course of action to take care of any problems discovered during your inspection. Once we’re finished, you’ll feel confident that your home meets or exceeds current build codes.  

Additional Services From Dr. Watts in Round Rock, TX 

We are dedicated to keeping your home safe and functioning at maximum capacity. To make that happen, we provide various additional services to protect your home and your family. Those services include the following:

  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Running phone, cable, and ethernet lines 
  • Smoke detector installation

We strive to make sure your home is as safe as possible. Our services can help protect your electrical system and maintain fire and carbon monoxide detection services.

Your Team of Trusted Electricians Near Round Rock, TX 

Our team has over 40 years of combined experience. Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air technicians are trained to complete all electrical services, including repairs and installation. Our licensed and insured electricians arrive on time and get the job done right. Look no further if you need an electrician near Round Rock, TX.

We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to bring you peace of mind regarding the work completed in your home. All of our technicians provide top-notch services and are ready to work. Contact Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air today to help your home meet the demands of today’s technology! 


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