AC Replacement Service in Killeen, Texas

There’s no question that summer in Texas can be brutal. For most people, the one guarantee they have is being able to retreat from the unrelenting heat inside their homes, where their air conditioner is working hard to keep the space cool and comfortable. However, what happens if the AC is unable to keep up with demand? While there are some situations where repairs are possible, there are other times that the only viable option will be AC Replacement. The good news is that most AC issues are not going to pop up suddenly. In fact, there will be tell-tale signs that it may be time to look into AC replacement services in Belton, Texas. Keep reading to learn more about when to call a professional HVAC contractor in Central Texas for AC replacement.

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Limited Airflow or Cool Air

This is one of the most obvious signs that air conditioning is having issues. If the unit is turned on and the air is not cold within a few minutes, there is a good chance that it is not working properly. The problem may also be related to clogs present in the ducts. These issues are going to restrict airflow and will not magically fix themselves. Regardless of the cause of the limited or low airflow, there is no question that it is time to call for help and deal with the issue.

Moisture Buildup

An AC unit is going to create some amount of moisture. However, those that are functioning properly should be able to handle the issue without any problems. If moisture is present, or if a leak has occurred near the air conditioner, the problem may be linked to a refrigerant leak. This may cause the system to underperform and may also create a health risk for everyone in the house. Even if the issue is just water, if the problem continues without being handled, it may create the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Strange Sounds

Is the air conditioner louder than it was in the past? If a homeowner notices strange or loud sounds, like chattering, squeaking, or grinding, it is important to note that these are not normal. They should also be taken as a sign that the unit is getting older and that it may need to be replaced soon. Usually, AC units will operate at a noise level that is virtually undetectable. This means that if the cooling system has started to draw attention to when it turns on, it is time to invest in new equipment.

Bad Odors

Along with weird sounds, another sign of a problem is if there are bad odors coming from the cooling unit. It is important to note that an air conditioner will put out neutral-smelling, clean air. However, this is not the case if problems are present. If there is a burning or smokey odor, it is an indication of more serious issues and requires immediate repairs and attention.

Higher-Than-Normal Energy Costs

If a home’s energy costs have increased recently, the issue could be the air conditioner. If a unit is older, it is going to cost more to operate, which results in higher energy bills. It is also going to result in the home not being as cool and comfortable. If someone believes that the AC system is to blame for higher energy costs, they should call for repairs right away. Replacing the unit with a newer, more efficient system is going to result in much lower bills in the future. Most people agree this makes it well worth the investment.

Hire the Professionals for New AC System Installation

When it comes to a home’s air conditioner, there is no question that it will not last forever. If the unit is past its prime or if it is no longer operating efficiently, now is the time to invest in a replacement. A replacement unit is going to increase home efficiency, reduce costs, and be a smart investment. Be sure to keep this in mind and enjoy all the benefits that a new AC offers. However, don’t attempt a DIY installation. This is never a good idea. Hire the professionals to ensure the installation process is handled properly the first time. If a homeowner is ready to invest in a new air conditioner, there are more than a few factors to consider. Keep the tips and information here in mind to know when it is time to make this investment. Doing so will pay off.