AC Repair in Killeen, Texas

When warmer temperatures arrive, most people turn on their air conditioning system to keep the home cool. Unfortunately, if the system is damaged or not in good repair, the house or property may become warm, stuffy, and seriously uncomfortable. At this point, it is clear that AC Repair is needed. While this is true, there are some signs that AC repair services in Belton, Texas are needed that are not as obvious. Keep reading for some of the top signs that it is a good idea to call an HVAC contractor in Central Texas for repairs.

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Higher Than Normal Energy Bills

While utility costs may fluctuate a few dollars or so each month, if there is a significant increase in energy costs, it means the AC unit is not running efficiently. These costs are going to continue going up until the necessary repairs are made. The longer someone waits to make these repairs, the more issues that will occur, and the higher the cost will get.

The Unit Makes More Noise Than Usual

It does not matter what the noise is—a clinking, banging, grinding, screeching, or something else—this is not normal. If there is a noise that is extremely loud, it may mean there are loose parts inside the unit. If the issue is not addressed, it can lead to serious damage and the need for expensive repairs. Along with loud noises, any sounds that are new or different should be addressed. Most homeowners become accustomed to how their AC unit sounds when it comes on. As a result, they know when something changes. Paying attention to these changes will ensure the proper steps are taken and repairs are sought.

Uneven Cooling in the Home

If a homeowner walks around the home and finds areas that are warmer or cooler than others, this is also a sign of a problem. Uneven temperatures could be a sign of a problem with the home’s insulation, or it may mean there is an issue that demands AC repair. The only way to know for sure what the underlying issue is is to call a professional. They can evaluate the system, ducts, and insulation in the home to determine the best repairs.

The Air Conditioning Unit Is Leaking

If an air conditioning unit has started leaking water, it is a sign that repairs are needed right away. The water may lead to the growth of mildew or mold. If there is any water leaking in the home, the condensate line leading away from the AC may be blocked or there could be another issue. It is best to have the problem evaluated to know what repairs are needed.

Low Airflow

If a homeowner can feel cool air coming out of the vent when they hold their hand up to it, but they cannot feel the air blowing very hard, this is another common issue. In most cases, this problem is going to be caused by the unit’s fan or motor. It is best to call for a professional evaluation before the issue gets worse and costs even more to repair.

High Levels of Humidity in the Home

It is common for humidity levels inside a home to go up during the summer months. However, if someone experiences a sticky feeling that does not go away, it may be because of some type of problem with the air conditioner or could be due to leaky ductwork. Regardless of the cause, it is a clear sign that the professionals should be called. Along with being too warm, there will also be a “stickiness” in the air that is going to make the home even more uncomfortable.

The Coil on the AC Is Frozen

Frozen coils can occur because of simple issues. For example, if the unit’s filters are dirty, they can cause a frozen coil. However, it may also be caused by something more complicated, such as a refrigerant leak.

The AC Is Cycling On and Off Almost Constantly

If the unit is turning off and on constantly, it is cycling too much. This is the sign of a problem. Along with needed repairs, if the issue continues, it will lead to more wear and tear on the unit and other issues that must be addressed. When it comes to AC issues, there are several to be aware of. Be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind to know when it is time to call the professionals. They will be able to evaluate the problem and ensure the right repairs are made.